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asset management.
Unify your fleet assets and your document management. Shape it to your individual needs. Your team and colleagues will be delighted to work with automated operations.


Various types of asset contents
in balance
You can widely integrate your equipments and assets to our platform, whether they are already owned or just awaiting acquisition.
Their content, quantity and operation will be transparent.
Safe, protected
Device independent,
supported by
any browser
Shared administration
system for
multiple users
Mobile application
Anything, in one place.

Administer countless assets and options with collective data and document storage. Beside basic registry you can monitor the operation of your assets and financial background, while using automatisms.

Whatever your future plan is. You can comfortably register the operational work-flows that are linked to your assets. Connect them to the company's internal needs.

Coupled with user experiences. Real time system with secure access. Developed for multiple users. Even when all of you are logged in at the same time.

Think forward. Create a maintenance schedule tailored to your individual needs. Increase user interest while simultaneously preparing reports with higher accuracy.

Content management with feature-rich solutions. You can quickly retrieve your uploaded data and document

Scaled for your performance goals
The maintenance module function provides full control and support of operational processes from start to finish. Whether it's about asset damages or fine notification emails initiated from the system, you will be pleased with the diversity of our platform.
All data
in one place.
Easily monitor your fleet’s fuel consumption. By using our maintenance module you can get a complete overview of your fuel needs and costs.
For maintenance schedules
you cannot avoid.
Follow all your workflows from the initial input through the first steps of approvals to the finishing processes.
Have everything in
one platform.
Notices, information sheets, documents and scheduled user notifications. One system with multiple actions.
Divider between private use
and business journeys.
Your solution for logging mileages. Comes with versatile data and document recording options, with consideration to the regulations of car policy.
Break through
Combine all the essential information related to accidents and damages, so they can be tracked at any time and query processes are accelerated.
Assign your entire fleet
invoices to your assets.
Everything stored in one database. Categorize, analyze between fuel and service costs or even leasing fees.
* The above named content and its details refer to a specific asset type. In the case of the other types of assets that can be used, the content of maintenance may be specifically defined and applied depending on the sector and function.
From internal request to the handover
A customizable workflow operation that you can adapt to your business contents and requirements.
Requests made easy.
Simply select the asset lists needed within the different permissions, Users may only view permission-based informations. A process managed in one framework, from request submission to the completion of authorization processes.
Requests made easy.
Stay up-to-date
in the status of your order.
You only need to fill in the necessary information. Whether it's maintenance or a procurement of a new asset, you can fully record all the contents and events connected to them.
Stay up-to-date
Booking requests can be initiated quickly and directly, while the approvers are informed of each step. By setting individual access levels for users just the available asset list is displayed and with the help of the given specifications users can be guided to choose from the currently selectable assets.
Having more questions?
Our experts would be happy to show you how our platform works and suggest the most productive way for application of our customizable solutions.


Suits for all your
Showing the details
in one board, at once
Easily traceable contractual data and documents. Combined with warnings, you can choose from a variety of solutions.
Aggregated data
Prepare fully comprehensive reports on your assets easily. Specify and set the timing. Whenever.
Process automations
The system significantly supports your time management. Contents are predefined by schedule functions.
All-round export
Effortlessly and quickly extract the data sourced from various contents with optional linkability to reports.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the system requirements for using the Tabula software?
Our asset and fleet registration software is cloud service based, so an active internet connection and an internet browser are required for its use, no other application is needed.
What browsers does it work with?
The operation of the Tabula platform is supported in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers. Apart from the listed browsers, the system typically works properly, but this is not fully guaranteed.
Is the software also available on mobile devices?
We developed our platform to be accessible from any device and at all times. Data records can also be easily solved at the user level.
How secure is the protection of my data and documents within the system?
The storage and protection of data and documents registered in the system is paramount therefore a main priority policy for us. The use of Tabula is only possible within a company, with user-level registration within a closed platform, with the management of highly regulated authorization levels. For more information on Tabula's legal provisions and guidelines for data management see our Privacy Policy.
Is there customer support available?
At our dedicated customer service, our expert staff are readily available on working days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for software support, as well as for inquiries related to our other services. Our contact details can be found under Contact Us.