About us


We created our company with a more than a decade long experience – in our scope of activities – with the aim of sharing our acquired knowledge with our clients. Due to our long history in consulting and ongoing activities we are present in both public companies and multinational firms, proving ourselves in national and international environments.

In the focus of our activities is always a concrete, well defined and specific set of problems’ process management, and comprehensive solution. Our innovative solutions generate significant savings and what is most important, they forecast in time and provide the information necessary for executive decisions. We offer solutions which give real answers to real, existing problems. We present advice and services to our partners, which we have tested in action and monitored their effective operation.

We collected our experiences in the public, the government and market (small and medium sized enterprises and big corporations ) sectors, so we have a clear picture of what works in the different sized business, what features are in common and different and what are individual particularities. Thanks to our wide spread understanding, we know the everyday challenges that the public and SME sector’s companies face. We understand the questions, so we can supply our clients with real, valuable answers.

During our consulting activities we also gained an insight to the supplier market, so we can assist our clients in the process of choosing the sufficient supplier. We can aid in defining the aspects for the selection and in the evaluation of suppliers so they can work with partners for whom the principles of business ethics and fair business practices are priorities.

„We believe, that the development of our clients efficiency is the key to our success and in the same time, the basis of long term co operations”.


We would like offer enduring solutions, which can with time prove their feasibility. More

Our values

The basis of our operation is the thorough knowledge of economic and business processes and principles. More


We are happy to work with colleagues who have expertise in their own fields. More